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Hayfever and Allergies

Hayfever and Allergies

Uncover the triggers and treatments for hay fever and allergies. Learn about causes, testing methods, and how to effectively manage symptoms for better health.
What is Diabetes

Type 1 & 2 – What is the Difference Between the Two

Learn the key differences between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Understand causes, symptoms, and treatments to manage this common health condition effectively.
What Are Warts

What Are Warts? What Are The Different Types & How Are They Treated?

Understanding warts as common skin growths caused by HPV, they're prevalent in children, harmless, but can be bothersome.
What is Anxiety and How To Manage It

What Is Anxiety, And How Should You Best Manage It?

Discover the depths of anxiety, its prevalence in Australia, and how cannabis can offer relief; delve into strains if considering cultivation.
GOUT What is it, what causes it, can diet help prevent gout

GOUT What is it, what causes it, can diet help prevent gout?

Understand gout, a complex arthritis causing intense pain, swelling, affecting mainly the big toe but also other joints.
Augmented Reality In Healthcare

Augmented Reality In Healthcare

Explore how Augmented Reality is reshaping healthcare. From aiding surgeries to enhancing medical education, discover AR's transformative potential.
Guide to Travelling with Medication

How to: A Guide to Travelling with Medication

Navigate the challenges of traveling with medication. Learn about airline restrictions, storage tips, and ensure a hassle-free journey.
Motion Sickness Medication

Motion Sickness Medication & Tablets: How To Treat Travel Sickness

Understanding motion sickness and its remedies. Explore treatments for travel-induced nausea and get expert advice for a comfortable journey at Southgate Medical.
The Future Of Healthcare

The Future Of Healthcare: Cancer And The Impact Of Personalised Medicine In Australia

Explore the transformative power of personalised medicine in Australia. Understand its role in disease prevention, treatment, and the evolution of cancer care.
Malaria Medication

Malaria Medication: Information And Tips For Travel

Prepare for overseas travels by understanding malaria risks and taking preventative measures to ensure a safe journey.
Mythbusting - Dairy Foods & Calcium

Mythbusting: Dairy Foods & Calcium

Unraveling myths about dairy and calcium. Discover diverse calcium sources beyond dairy and understand the truth about supplements and non-dairy milks.
Touch and massage as therapy-3

Touch and massage as therapy

Discover the profound health benefits of touch and massage therapy. From aiding rehabilitation to boosting mood, learn how it can enhance well-being.