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Test Results and Recall System

At Southgate Medical, we are committed to providing our patients with convenient, timely, and secure communication regarding their healthcare needs.

We utilise HotDoc, a platform that enables us to send streamlined appointment reminders, health notifications, and important updates directly to your mobile device.

Appointment Reminders

Our clinic automatically sends you SMS reminders the day before your appointment with Southgate Medical’s doctors. This ensures you’re always prepared and can manage your schedule effectively.

Confirm or Cancel Easily: Upon receiving an SMS reminder, you can confirm your appointment by replying “YES,” or cancel it by replying “NO.”

HotDoc enables you to confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments by tapping the link in the message. Alternatively, you’re welcome to call our clinic directly.

Email Confirmations: If we have your email address on file, you’ll also receive an appointment confirmation email when you book an appointment. This email includes options to opt out of future notifications, ensuring you have control over how we contact you.

Preventative Health Reminders

Your health is our priority. Through HotDoc, we send SMS reminders for preventative healthcare measures, including:

  • Annual flu vaccines
  • Scheduled child immunisations
  • Travel vaccine boosters
  • Health assessments
  • Routine screenings and tests

If you prefer not to receive these reminders or if we don’t have your mobile number, please be aware that it’s your responsibility to stay informed about your preventative healthcare needs.

Recalls for Test Results and Important Notices

For critical follow-ups, such as test results, Southgate Medical utilises HotDoc’s secure mobile notification (SMSN) service to send you SMS messages directly. This ensures you receive timely updates on important health matters.

Alternative Contact Methods: If you’ve opted out of SMS reminders or we don’t have your mobile number, we will contact you through other means to ensure you’re informed of significant health matters.

Managing Your Communication Preferences

Opting Out: Please inform our receptionist if you wish to stop receiving SMS reminders or recalls. We’ll update your preferences in our system promptly.
Opting In: If you’re not currently receiving SMS reminders or recalls from us but would like to, please let our receptionist know. We may need to update your contact information or adjust your communication preferences.

At Southgate Medical, we strive to make managing your healthcare as seamless as possible.

For more information or to update your preferences, please contact our clinic directly.