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Travel Health Advice and Vaccinations

Ensure your health and safety while traveling with our comprehensive travel vaccination service. We provide immunizations against various diseases prevalent in different parts of the world, helping travelers stay protected during their journeys.

Travel Health Advice and Vaccinations

Southgate Medical Centre in Southbank, Melbourne

Southgate Medical in Southbank is your one-stop destination for comprehensive travel vaccinations. Conveniently located near Flinders Street Station, we offer a range of vaccines, including Yellow Fever, Rabies, and Japanese Encephalitis. Our clinic is part of the renowned Travel Doctor-TMVC network, ensuring you receive the most up-to-date travel health advice.

With Medicare rebates available and a team of dedicated professionals, we prioritize your health for all your travel needs. Book today and travel with confidence.

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Travel Vaccinations – Frankston & the Mornington Peninsula

At Southgate Medical in Frankston, we specialize in travel vaccinations to ensure your safety abroad. Our expert travel doctors are well-versed in all travel-related vaccines, from Yellow Fever to Typhoid and Hepatitis. Whether you’re traveling to SE Asia, Africa, or the Middle East, we offer individualized recommendations based on the latest health advisories.

Located centrally in Frankston, we serve the entire Mornington Peninsula region. Ensure your health and peace of mind by booking an appointment with us before your next trip.

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It is not possible to have a standard list for each country as it may vary depending on a multitude of factors, including which part of the country you’re travelling to, accommodation (eg. resort vs backpacking), the length of your trip and your activities whilst there.

Our doctors are experts in travel medicine and therefore will be able to make individualised recommendations for you at the time of your consultation.

Ideally, a minimum of 2-3 weeks prior to travelling where possible but we can accommodate travellers even up until a day before departure.

No – a consultation is legally required with one of our travel doctors before our nurse can administer any vaccines.

We normally allocate 30 minutes for the initial consultation including the administration of vaccinations and medications. The fee for this longer consult is $148, with a rebate of $76.95 from Medicare.

This fee may be reduced at the discretion of our doctor for shorter consultations or for couples and families.

Yellow Fever – $120

Rabies – $135 (per dose)

Japanese Encephalitis – $296

Typhoid – $68

Hepatitis A – $85

Hepatitis A/Typhoid (combined vaccination) – $145

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