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Pathology Collection

Our in-house pathology collection center ensures timely and accurate sample collection and testing. With state-of-the-art equipment and trained phlebotomists, we guarantee precise results to aid in diagnosis and treatment.

Available: 8:30am – 12.30pm Mon-Fri – Walk-in for tests.

Medical Practitioners holding Samples

The Critical Role of Pathology in Health Diagnostics

Melbourne Pathology

Pathology plays a pivotal role in diagnosing various diseases and conditions. Every year, countless individuals rely on pathology results to get a clear picture of their health status. The accuracy of these results can be the difference between early detection and late intervention. The most crucial step towards ensuring accurate diagnosis is the collection of samples in a controlled and sterile environment.

Our pathology collection service is not just about collecting samples; it’s about ensuring that each sample is treated with utmost care, maintaining its integrity. By choosing Southgate Medical for your pathology needs, you’re opting for a service that prioritizes precision, hygiene, and patient comfort.

Pathology sample collection is available on a walk-in basis, and no appointments are necessary for tests.

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