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Medical Checkups – What should I be checking?

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Medical Checkups

We all know to visit a doctor when we are sick or facing a medical emergency, but how about when we are perfectly well? Visits to a medical clinic for regular medical checkups, even when we are in perfect shape, can help in improving our overall health immensely by keeping us proactive and informed about ourselves. After all, prevention is better than a cure!

Medical Checkups

A medical checkup (also known as a medical examination, clinical examination or physical examination) will include a physical examination of your body to check if you are free of any disease and are healthy. During the checkup, the doctor or practitioner will take your medical history, and then conduct several tests depending on your history. There are many different types of tests that may be conducted as well, and these can vary based on age and health of a person. The test results and medical history will then be saved in your medical record. 

Regular medical checkups are typically performed on patient who complain about minor illnesses such as flu or high blood pressure, and people who undergo regular medical checkups on a regular basis are found to be more likely to suffer from anxiety and hypertension. Apart from having regular checkups, maintaining your good health can also depend on your relationship with your doctor. 

Types of Medical Checkups | Southgate Melbourne

Medical Checkups

There are many different types of medical checkups, each depending on your circumstances.

The first type is a General Medical Checkup. This is a routine checkup conducted by your doctor on patients who display no symptoms of disease. A general checkup would determine if you have any unrecognized illness and ensure that you remain healthy. Some of the tests that might be conducted include Mammography, Physical Examinations or ultrasound services. If any illness or abnormality is found, we would notify you promptly and advise you on your next steps.

The second type is a Comprehensive Physical Checkup. Similar to a general checkup, a comprehensive physical checkup would include more tests for a more detailed examination. Possible tests include laboratory tests, X-rays, electrocardiography, heart stress tests, pulmonary tests or CT scans.

Another type is the Pre-employment Checkup. This type of checkup is performed to provide a medical report to your employer as it is a requirement for recruitment in some companies. This checkup would include basic tests to ensure that you are capable of working in certain environments. 

The final type is an Insurance Checkup. This checkup is conducted to provide a medical report to your insurance company. 

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Medical Checkups | Southgate Melbourne