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We provide Women’s Health services in Melbourne. For general health, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. Certainly regular exercise and a healthy diet are important, but we believe that women’s health does not only mean her physical health, it goes beyond that and takes into account mental and social health and well being. 

According to multiple surveys women are found to be affected by many physical diseases that can result from factors such as employment, household issues, relationships and family and economic conditions. Furthermore, the gender differences in many areas of the modern world play a major role in developing an unhealthy lifestyle. 

The following are some of the most vital points to consider when assessing women’s health.

PHYSICAL HEALTH | Womens Health Melbourne

Regular Exercise:

Women's Health Melbourne

Surveys have shown that many women in Melbourne are developing heart diseases and obesity, regardless of whether they are working women or housewives. The main reason is the lack of physical activity and a poor diet. Women should add regular exercise to their daily routine. There are many types of exercise women can choose. Be it a cardio exercise, walking in a park, jogging, swimming or dancing, the aim is to keep moving.

Maintaining a healthy diet:

Healthy foods includes nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. They provide better growth and repair of cells and keep the human body healthy inside and out. Foods that are important are:

  • Foods rich in fibre
  • Fresh meat and fish
  • Good fats such as nuts
  • Fresh dairy products having fewer fats
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Fruits

Reducing the consumption of unhealthy foods: 

A good diet also requires reducing unhealthy foods such as packaged and processed foods. Also, junk foods and soft drinks should be avoided. Soft drinks usually contain many artificial sugars which according to research gets stored in the stomach. The sugar, accumulating as fats around the stomach over time become difficult to reduce.

Taking vitamins:

Getting foods that are rich in vitamins removes the need for multivitamin tablets. Foods that are rich in vitamins provide better sleep and keep you active all day long. We recommend getting the majority of your vitamin/mineral needs from food.

Avoiding alcohol, drugs, and tobacco:

Alcohol and tobacco are the unhealthiest and most harmful of all products a woman can consume. Not only do they affect physical health but they also have negative impacts on mental and social health. For a healthy lifestyle, women need to reduce or remove the consumption of tobacco, drugs or alcohol from their diet.

Regular health checkups:

Many women ignore general health issues. It is important to have regular checkups with your family doctor. Many minor issues can be a symptom of other health issues.

MENTAL AND SOCIAL HEALTH| Women’s Health Melbourne

Depression, stress, and anxiety | Women’s Health Melbourne

Women's Health Melbourne

According to researchers, women more likely to experience depression and anxiety than men. The cause of depression can vary widely and needs to be addressed early.

Birth control | Women’s Health Melbourne

A major issue for modern women is birth control. There are many different options when it comes to birth control and some options may not suit some women. A detailed chat with a GP can be extremely helpful in choosing the right birth control for you.

Maternal health | Women’s Health Melbourne

A GP can be a great first option before during and after your pregnancy.  many GP’s offer shared care with hospitals meaning you don’t need to attend hospital for all your checkups and instead see a GP you are comfortable with throughout your pregnancy.

Work life | Women’s Health Melbourne

Women often experience a lot of stress in their work life. Women often experience gender bias, sexual discrimination, unequal pay and even sexual harassment in the work place. This can put a strain on emotional and physical health and needs to be addressed.

Women’s Health Melbourne
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