Skin Cancer Checks

Why get a skin check?

Skin cancer is very common. It is estimated that 2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70. Early detection and treatment is important. Currently there is no screening programme for skin cancer. However, it is important to check yourself regularly and get a skin cancer check with a skin cancer doctor or a dermatologist if you are concerned of fall into the high risk category.


What to expect?

The most important thing we want patients to walk away with is peace of mind and certainty that they have been thoroughly examined by a qualified skin cancer doctor. We aim to offer a caring, accessible and efficient service for early detection and treatment of skin cancer.


What is involved in a skin Cancer check?

If you book in a full body skin check, your appointment will involve a consultation with the doctor followed by a head to toe examination of your skin using a hand held device called a Dermatoscope. We also have available DermEngine Total Body Photography to aid annual monitoring of moles.

Alternatively, if you are concerned about a specific spot, you could make an appointment for a specific spot check.

Sometimes, it is not possible to distinguish between a skin cancer and a non-cancerous lesion. In that case we either take images to monitor the lesion for change at a later date or we do a small biopsy of the lesion to get a diagnosis.


What software do we use for imaging?

Here at Southgate medical, we use the DermEngine software for imaging when doing skin checks.  DermEngine is an intelligent dermatology software powered by artificial intelligence that helps us monitor images, detect changes and perform full body photography.

Regardless of how often you see your doctor, we recommend you monitor your own skin every 3-6 months.

Above all else, practice safe sun habits to prevent skin cancer developing in the first place.

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