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Travel Vaccinations – Melbourne & Southbank 

Southgate Medical -Travel Doctor Southgate is the pre-eminent Melbourne travel medicine clinic, based in Southbank. Our experienced health professionals can advise on all aspects of travel healthcare, from vaccinations to malaria,  and everything in between. Book your appointment today and ensure peace of mind for your international trip.

Vaccination Consultation Fees

The fee for an initial appointment with one of our travel doctors, including a half hour consultation and then follow up vaccine administration with nurse, is $148.00

Medicare provides a rebate of $76.95 for this service. 

Common Vaccine Fees

Yellow Fever – $120

Yellow fever is a severe mosquito borne viral disease that can be life threatening. The more serious cases involve jaundice, where the skin turns yellow.

The illness is endemic (always present) in tropical areas of Africa and Central and South America. It occurs in jungle and urban settings and is most common during the rainy season. 

The yellow fever vaccine is a relatively safe and highly effective single-dose vaccine which provides life long immunity.The vaccination should be completed a minimum of ten days before entering the at risk destination. Yellow Fever vaccination is recommended for travel within all endemic areas and a yellow fever vaccination certificate may also be needed to enter certain countries, including Australia, after leaving such countries.

Yellow Fever vaccine fee  $120


Rabies is a potentially fatal viral illness that affects the nervous system and brain.

It is spread from animals to humans, usually by the bite of an infected dog.

High-risk areas include Africa, South East, East and Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. While dogs account for most human deaths, all mammals, including cats, foxes, monkeys, and bats are susceptible to the virus. 

Two doses administered one week apart will provide adequate immunity while a third dose at least three weeks after the first will provide life long protection.

Rabies vaccine fee $135

Japanese Encephalitis 

Japanese Encephalitis is a viral infection spread by mosquitoes that can cause swelling of the brain resulting in permanent brain damage or death. It is endemic to Central, East and South East Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Western Pacific areas and the Torres Strait region of Australia. It has now also been detected in mainland Australia.

Vaccination may be recommended for travellers who visit in the wet season or engage in frequent outdoor activities.

Japanese Encephalitis vaccine fee – Imojev – $296

Typhoid Fever 

Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection spread through contaminated food and water. In severe cases it can cause intestinal bleeding or perforation,blood poisoning and inflammation of other organs. It is usually found in areas with poor environmental sanitation and  where personal and food hygiene standards are low.

Typhoid vaccine fee $68

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a vaccine-preventable disease spread through human contact or contaminated food and water. Travellers to areas at risk may be recommended one of the following vaccination courses:

  • A single dose to protect against Hepatitis A
  • A combination vaccine to protect against Hepatitis A and Typhoid fever
  • A course of 3 combinationinjections to protect against Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B

Your doctor will advise the options suited to your individual needs.

Hepatitis A vaccine fee $68

Combination Hep A/Typhoid fee $145

Are Medicare Rebates Available For The Consultation & Vaccinations?

Yes, Medicare will provide a rebate of $76.95 for your consultation. 

You may also be eligible for a rebate for the travel vaccine fees via your private health insurer.

Can I Obtain a Certificate for International Travel?

Yes, as an approved yellow fever vaccination centre, we can provide you with the required vaccination certificate, as specified by the World Health Organisation. We can also advise on COVID-19 travel vaccination requirements.

The Travel Doctor 

Southgate Medical -Travel Doctor Southgate is a member of Travel Doctor-TMVC, the leading provider of travel medicine in Australia. Travel Doctor-TMVC is a highly respected group of clinics with over 30 years of experience in the field of travel medicine. As a member, we provide travel healthcare services to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), various aid organisations and some of Australia’s largest corporations.

We offer our travel medicine expertise to both organisations and individuals. We have access to the latest health alerts, therefore ensuring the most up to date travel and  medical advice for all our patients and clientele.

Clinic Location and Contact Details

Southgate Medical -Travel Doctor Southgate is conveniently located just across the Yarra River from Flinders Street station on the middle level of the Southgate centre in Southbank.

We are particularly accessible for anyone requiring travel vaccinations in the Melbourne CBD or inner Melbourne area.

Southgate Medical -Travel Doctor Southgate

3 Southgate Avenue


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(03)9690 1433

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