Vaccinations, How Can Your Make It As Easy As Possible

Tips To Make Your Babies Vaccinations As Painless As Possible
Tips To Make Your Babies Vaccinations As Painless As Possible

Immunisation is something that no parent should avoid or delay. Immunisations not only protect the kids from many contagious, dangerous, and deadly diseases, they also keep other children in the community safe by minimising the spread of these diseases between children. However, for many parents, the very thought of their baby crying in pain and fear while getting a jab can be really scary. However, the pain from an immunisation only last for a few seconds and the child will be over the experience very quickly. Vast amounts of research show that the benefits of immunisation far outweigh the potential harm. It is near impossible for kids to understand how important immunisations are for their health and safety; kids grow up dreading the pain, fear, and stress associated with needles and doctor visits. Sometimes this fear takes the shape of phobias in the latter part of their life, stopping them from getting much-needed vaccines and even healthcare altogether. Immunisations for babies don’t need to be a major ordeal. There are ways to reduce if not completely eliminate the pain, fear, and stress associated with needles. Here are some handy and effective tips to make your babies vaccinations as painless as possible:

Handy Tips to Make Your Babies Vaccinations As Painless As Possible

You may be surprised to know that before you are able to celebrate the second birthday of your baby, they may have had up to 20 immunisations. Here are some helpful tips, hints, and strategies you can adopt to ease your baby’s tears and fears before and after the needles. 

  • instead of putting your baby on the examination table, try to hold her on your lap
  • breastfeed your baby during or even after the vaccination
  • make sure that your baby is unable to see the needle
  • ask your doctor to use topical anesthetic to numb the area where the needle will be inserted
  • try to distract your little one from the whole process
  • as a parent, try to stay as calm and composed as possible; infants can quickly sense your stress.
  • a quick gentle massage on or near the injection site can do wonders to ease the pain
  • carefully watch for post-vaccination symptoms/side effects
  • try panadol to prevent fever and relieve pain
  • ask your doctor about combination immunisations

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