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Southgate Medical Centre is a member of the Travel Doctor TMVC group of travel clinics and considered the leading travel clinic Melbourne.

Travel Doctor – TMVC is a group of preferred travel medicine providers for Australian Government departments, many humanitarian/development/aid agencies and some of Australia’s largest corporations.

Our doctors have expert knowledge of health risks for traveler’s and are always up to date with the latest travel health information.

As part of your travel consultation you will be provided with:

– An individualised risk assessment of your trip, taking into account your itinerary, health background and the activities you have planned to undertake on your trip.

– All recommended vaccinations. We maintain a full stock of all travel vaccines at our clinic. We are also a Government accredited Yellow Fever vaccination centre.

– Malaria medications. Our travel doctors will provide advice regarding prevention of mosquito borne infections such as Dengue Fever and Japanese Encephalitis and administer general malaria injections.

– International travel health guide booklet. This booklet provides advice on the prevention and management of most travel related health issues which you will be able to keep on hand while travelling in case of an emergency.

– International vaccination book. This book will allow you to keep a record of all vaccinations provided by us.

– Dedicated medication kit. We provide all our travel health patients with a medication kit that provides essential medications that will enable you to self-treat some of the most common travel ailments including Traveller’s Diarrhoea.

If you require any additional information on the travel health services, please visit the Travel Doctor Melbourne website.

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