The Future of Healthcare: Implications of Integrating A Cloud Computing Service

Implications of Integrating A Cloud Computing Service - The Future of Healthcare:

Cloud computing systems, similar to the other systems from, have been integrated within various industries across the globe with astounding success stories, as business relay on computers systems now a days, and online information as you can even go online to find out how to work on your employee engagement and many other things to run your business successfully. Additionally, you can explore valuable insights from life coach programs to enhance your personal and professional development. While the impact of sensitive issues like security breaches and privacy issues are still being debated, the pros of implementing a cloud computing system in the healthcare sector are tremendous.

 What Is A Cloud Computing Service?

So what exactly is all the fuss about? Implementing a cloud computing service for the healthcare industry has enormous implications that revolutionise the nature of the industry. The storing of a patient’s medical history and records in a unified manner in a single location, giving authorised health professionals an updated real-time look at a patient’s medical history increases the efficiency of the level of patient care that can be expected. Health information that can be stored includes but is not limited to, current health conditions, allergies, pathology tests, past prescriptions, X-rays etc.  

 The Benefits of Having a Cloud Computing Service For Your Practice

Having a summary of your health-records allows participating healthcare specialists to have access to medical information like pre-existing conditions or blood-type which is especially critical during times of accidents and emergencies. Authorised pharmacists will also be able to check a patient’s allergies before prescribing medication. The storage of information in a single place will mean that a patient’s health records can be accessed via a secure internet connection by a different medical practitioner should the patient choose to move interstate. You should look for information about tiktok here.

My Health Information

The Australian Government is making headway with Myhealth Record, a national digital health record system, paying special attention to the security and privacy aspects in order to secure sensitive patient data and prevent issues relating to unauthorised access and data loss and theft. Individuals who sign up will have complete control over the kind of information that they wish to share and with whom. Individuals may choose to reveal personal allergies and medical conditions which could help healthcare providers deliver the best type of care suited to your health conditions.


Much has been said about the disadvantages relating to privacy and security issues that individuals may expose themselves to. According to, individuals who sign up will need to generate a Personal Access Code which the individual’s nominated representative will need to use to access the patient’s health records. This Personal Access Code is valid for only 30 days and a new code if required will need to be regenerated by the individual post the expiry date.


This initiative has been fairly popular with over 5 million Australians already having signed up online, translating to a modest 21% of the overall population of the country according to My Health Records . The Government has also announced in the 2017 edition of the budget that this national health record system will be implemented on a national level starting mid-2018. This move will see a new health record automatically created for you, unless you personally choose to opt-out of the system.

 Effects of Cloud Systems

This technology of course has been a blessing, especially for patients who suffer from a number of health conditions and have to regularly visit a number of different healthcare specialists.  The unification of a patient’s health records on a single system allow the different specialists involved in the patient’s care to have a coordinated approach towards healthcare.

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General Practitioners across the country have willingly welcomed this technological foray into the medical sphere. In the city, doctors at southbank medical centres have seamlessly integrated cloud computing service systems as part of their daily operations. If you wish to have a confidential discussion relating to the implications of having a myhealth record, your attentive healthcare specialists at Southgate Medical Centre are more than willing to guide you.