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At Southgate Medical, we understand that maintaining good Mental Health is critical for our well-being and therefore we are pleased to offer counselling services provided by two very experienced psychologists:


Dr Phoebe Lau, Clinical Psychologist | Psychology Melbourne

D Clin Psych, MSc, B Arts (Psych Hons), B Ed

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Phoebe is a compassionate and collaborative clinical psychologist who work with adults with a wide range of challenges. She is highly experienced and able to provide support for clients with anxiety, depression, stress-related problems, and trauma. Phoebe believes that good mental health, like physical health, is an integral part of one’s general health and wellbeing.

Dr Damon Ashworth | Psychology Melbourne

Damon graduated from Monash University in 2014 with a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology.

He has worked in both hospital and clinical settings as a Clinical Psychologist, and most recently, Damon spent 20 months assisting the Vanuatu Government’s Ministry of Health as a Mental Health Specialist under the Australian Volunteer Program.

He has a specific interest in helping adults and adolescents with sleep problems, relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, addiction, fatigue and stress.

Damon is passionate about the field of psychology, and applies the latest research findings to help individuals meet their psychological and emotional needs.