Doctor Melbourne


At Southbank Medical Centre, we strive to bring a high level of commitment and excellence to our healthcare services. As the longest serving Southbank Medical Centre , we boast a full range of medical services including:

General Practice – Preventative care and health education solutions to assist in the treatment of acute and chronic illnesses.

Men’s Health – Treatment of male related health issues such as reproductive health problems and associated conditions.

Women’s Health– Assistance in the management of female related health issues occurring from adolescence through to menopause.

Travel Health– Medical advice on preventative measures to ensure your holiday runs smoothly.

COVID-19 Vaccinations– Provision of necessary information and medication to ensure you are protected against COVID-19.

Flu Vaccinations– Provision of necessary information and medication to ensure you are protected against Influenza.

Corporate and Occupational Medicine– We offer a range of professional occupational medicine services to corporate clients including the administration of annual flu shots and education on preventative methods to avoid workplace injury.

Psychology Services– We offer psychology services to provide clinical care for psychological issues.

Dietitian Services– We offer a dietitian and nutritionist services to support patients to improve their health by providing expert nutrition and dietary advice.

In addition to our in house services, we also offer services in Musculoskeletal medicine in association with Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies.

Our team of medical professionals bring a broad range of skills and knowledge to our offerings, including all vaccination and travel health options, women’s and men’s health, physical treatment modalities, pathology and mental health services. We strive for a quality of care and understand that exceeds our patients expectations and we understand the importance of providing a safe space for patients to receive the highest quality of health care.

We also have a network of local specialists that we can refer to if necessary.