Mums exercise for Women’s Health

women's health

women's health

Struggling to find time to exercise as a busy mum? You’re not alone – it’s easy to forget healthy lifestyle habits when you have other people to care for. Unfortunately, this often results in a disregard towards women’s health, with decreased energy levels and a lack of motivation in preparing healthy meals and being physically active.

Why is Postnatal Exercise Important?

It is advised that all mums have some me-time for themselves each week. Keeping active is a great way of taking some time for yourself, especially if you’ve just given birth and are looking to get back your pre-baby body. An idea to consider is joining your local “Mums with Bubs” – an exercise program where you can work out with other mothers and bubs. New mums can also work one-on-one with a palm springs personal trainer for a personalized training program suited for their fitness needs.

Mums with Bubs Fitness

“Mums with Bubs” classes are specifically designed for your needs and your baby. Each class offers a supportive environment targeted towards improving women’s health with specialized activities and exercises where you can aim to regain lost fitness and strength during the postnatal period. Bringing your baby along and working out together also eliminates the stress of watching over your child. Have peace of mind during these classes as they encourage interaction and allow your child to join in on the fun. To keep your exercise equipment in top shape, make sure you get gym equipment service regularly.


“Mums with Bubs” classes are not only aimed at increasing your fitness but it is also a social event. Meet other mothers and share your experiences with them in a fun and rewarding environment. These classes are typically done with 4 mothers and their babies and can run from 40-60 minutes depending on the company you choose. Exercises range from a variety of cardio, strength, core stability and pelvic floor exercises. Classes aim to reshape and tone your body with a focus on strengthening abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.


There are many classes and fitness programs available such as rebounder classes, pilates and even personalised interval training.


Women’s health doesn’t have to be compromised when you are a busy mum. If you wish to have further discussion about your health with one of our doctors, make an appointment at Southgate Medical Centre.