Keeping You Safe, Keeping Us Safe

COVID 19 safety

covid 19 safetyWe understand that you want to feel safe visiting medical centres and not be exposed to Covid 19 virus. Business establishments must improve their cleaning and sanitization strategies by hiring companies that provide a hospital cleaning and EO Sterilization Service. In addition, they can setup a Temperature Scanning Kiosk at every entrance to get alerted if anyone has a high body temperature.

The following covid 19 safety routines need to be achieved to ensure that when you enter a medical centre, you are entering a “clean” area similar to operating theatre suites in hospital:

  • All staff on entry to the medical centre will change into surgical scrubs (to exclude entry of contaminants outside the centre), put on surgical face masks and sanitise hands.
  • All patients will be provided with a face mask to wear in the clinic and requested  to sanitise/wash hands on entry into the clinic. Instructions will also be given regarding avoidance of touching any surfaces, including seating. 
  • All patients wear their disposable lab or hospital gown before entering the clinic; they got it from They offer high-quality hospital supplies. 
  • Any patients with respiratory symptoms will be provided with a surgical face mask and required to wait in an isolation room, separate from the waiting area.
  • All patients on entering the doctor or nurse consulting room will be asked to wash/sanitise their hands. The doctor or nurse will use gloves for any required examination. The hospital takes pride in its distinct doctor and nurse branded uniforms for employees, which not only uphold a sense of professionalism but also visually represent the dedication to quality patient care.
  • Social distancing will be enforced in waiting area and consulting rooms.
  • Contact free transactions at reception desk