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Southgate Medical was founded by our principal Dr Martin Fox in 2001. We are located in the Southgate centre at Southbank, just on the outskirts of Melbourne’s CBD, and we welcome all new patients.

Our dedicated and highly experienced medical team is committed to providing a quality service which values the importance of

  • Continuity and consistency of care
  • An individualised whole person approach
  • Maintaining the highest professional clinical and ethical standards

The doctors at Southgate Medical all have a broad range of clinical experience and professional expertise that includes general practice, women’s health, men’s health, travel medicine and skin cancer treatment.

Southgate Medical is an AGPAL accredited practice.

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Meet Our Doctors

Southbank Doctor

Dr Martin Fox

Dr Martin is the principal of our practice with over thirty years’ experience in all aspects of general practice. His special interests include travel medicine, infectious… Read More

Doctor Melbourne

Dr Kirsty Dunhill

Dr Kirsty has special interests in women’s & children’s health. After graduating from Monash University medical school in 1993 she worked a number of years… Read More

Medical Centre Southbank

Dr Nick Alfieri

Dr Nick is one of our most popular and respected doctors. He is a very experienced GP and has been a member of the Southgate Medical team since 2008… Read More

Dr Natalie

Dr Natalie trained as a GP in Hong Kong & is fluent in Cantonese. She holds a joint Fellowship of the RACGP & HKCFP as well as the Diploma in Child Health… Read More

A southbank doctor

Dr Jeet Garud

As well as being a very experienced GP, Dr Jeet is also an accredited skin cancer doctor and is a member of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia (SCCA)… Read More

Dr Prachi Dadheech

Dr Prachi is a respected member of our medical team with special interests in Women’s Health, Sexual and Reproductive Medicine & Aesthetic Medicin… Read More

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