Constipation In Children | Prevention And Treatment

Constipation In Children

Constipation In ChildrenChildhood constipation is a common problem and affects more than 10% of children living in Australia. Children with constipation may pass fewer than 3 stools in a week, experience irregular bowel movement, and/or the stool is dry, hard, and painful/difficult to pass. Although childhood or toddler constipation is not generally a cause of concern, learning some simple tips can help to keep your kid’s bowels regular and working properly.

Childhood Constipation VS Adult Constipation | Constipation In Children

In adult constipation, the underlying causes may range from poor diet to a chronic medical disorder, whereas childhood constipation is usually caused by behavioral issues such as holding the stool for longer periods, fear of pain, and bad bowel habits. It is therefore imperative to understand the individuals issue to find the best cure for this disorder.

Prevention of Constipation in Children

Childhood constipation should not be ignored as it can lead to a worsening of symptoms and complaints. Instead of giving OTC drugs to your children for the treatment of their constipation issues, you should first make some minor lifestyle and diet changes to prevent it from happening in the first place. Here are some things you can do to prevent childhood constipation and ensure it doesn’t become a continuous problem for your child:

  • increase the amount of fluid intake
  • increase the intake of fibrous foods such as whole-grain bread, fruits, and vegetables
  • promote physical activity
  • develop a regular meal schedule
  • develop a regular bowel schedule

southbank medical centreTreatment of Childhood Constipation | Constipation In Children

Depending on the underlying causes and the severity of the symptoms, the treatment of childhood constipation may vary from person to person. Treatment of constipation in children may include many different options but must suit the individual. If you are having trouble with childhood constipation in your family book in for a consultation and we can have a detailed look at your child’s issue and come up with a suitable treatment plan.

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Constipation In Children

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